To attract more players to their sites, online casinos are increasing the bonuses that they offer their users, it is a strategy that is bearing fruit, among these bonuses we can distinguish the famous welcome bonus.

In this article, we will introduce you to online casinos that offer you to receive a welcome bonus without having to deposit any money .

How to choose a reliable and secure online casino?

Before going to an online casino , you must make your choice properly, you must take into consideration a few points.

First of all, you must have a precise idea about the budget that you must set up in order to be able to play the different games, you must also take into consideration the different bonuses and promotions that the site offers, it is important to set your special budget dedicated to casino games, this organization will allow you to have more results.

Another important factor that you must put forward, that of the operating license , the latter allows you to be reassured of the quality of the site where you intend to play, you will also be reassured about the quality of the games offered, each online casino possessing this license must display it on its interface, so you can easily find it on the site.

When choosing an online casino you must also take into account customer service , because an online casino must listen to its users, for this, the online casino must make an email address and a telephone number available to its users, the response time must also be reduced as much as possible, this will install a kind of insurance between the online casino and its user.

A final criterion to put forward, that of the means of payment offered on the site , a good online casino is one that offers several payment options for the user, what to put it at ease, we could quote:

  • Bank transfers;

  • Payments by credit cards;

  • Transfers from electronic wallets;

  • Cryptocurrency payments.

The duration of the money transfer is an important element to take into consideration, you should choose an online casino that offers short term payments .

You should choose an online casino that charges the lowest possible transaction fees.

What are the no deposit bonuses offered at online casinos?

Online casinos that offer play slot machines may offer you bonuses for you to win, such as the welcome bonus, some sites offer welcome bonuses without having to deposit a bet, some sites like Europa Casino offer you free spins and a sum of money that you will receive directly in your personal space.

Another online casino, L Auckland Casino offers you free spins on one of the slots as a welcome bonus.

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